YAMATO AZ-8500 for mattress panel

    YAMATO AZ-8500 for mattress panel

    Five-treads, suitably modified for sewing foam materials up to 2.5 points.

    10 mm stitch width (optional may vary according to customer requirements)

    3500 RPM.

    Direct Drive dc brushless energy saving motor 550 watt.

    Specially designed strap suspension system as well as metal rollers with specially sealed bearings without external lubrication required to reduce friction and belt wear. Extremely balanced belt drive. User-friendly operation. Special high oil pressure system as well as oil filter.

    Equipped with a adjustable air amplifier.

    This overlock gives you the guarantee that you will be able to work faster – quiet and smoother, and that you will need the fewest possible maintenance and replacement parts from any other machine

    Origin of overlock MADE IN JAPAN

    Conversion source and automation proudly made in Hellas!

    Guarantee 2 years.


    ZOYER ZY 988 TXB for foam materials (suitable for mattress industries)

    ZOYER ZY 988 TXB for foam materials (suitable for mattress industries)

    Extra heavy-duty mattress overlock machine is a special design for foamed cotton mattress.

    It has twin needle bar design and the extra high needle bar stroke up to the needle plate is 16mm.

    The extra high upper looper stroke up to the needle plate is 15mm.

    4 threads with safety thread locking at the same time

    Upper and lower feed dog together with pressure foot compound feeding structure. With excellent feeding ability. The ultra thick fabric passes smoothly with beautiful stitches.

    Pneumatic presser foot lift up.

    Equipped with a garbage disposal system. (adjustable air amplifier ).

    DC motor 800watt

    Made in China.

    2 years guarantee


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