External stand of large threads

    External stand of large threads.

    Special construction so that the cones stand at an angle so that the threads – hair do not (spill) thus avoiding bumps and delays during the sewing process.

    Properly made thread stops with conicals so that they can accommodate any size – thickness – quality and weight of threads.

    Made of hollow beam 40 × 40, industrial plastic acetal and stainless steel thread passages.

    This construction is available in different versions depending on the customer’s object with 2- 4 – 6 h and above threads

    The design as well as the construction were done in the laboratories of our company



    L-629 Special sewing machine for nets for agricultural applications.

    Special construction of seam net – burlap with 2 threads.

    Very easy to use for the operator.

    Equipped with a puller system which is perfectly synchronized with the machine to pull only when the needle is out of the material, so that it can sew correctly and without problems any type of material up to 6mm thick.

    With a special mobile folder with double hem.

    Increased seam width up to 6mm.

    Equipped with dc brushless 550watt motor and pulse generator so that whenever the needle stops staying out of the material to prevent the thread from melting.

    With one pedal for the operation of the machine as well as the lifting of the foot with automation for easier handling by the user.

    Probably the fastest on the world market 6000 rpm.

    Special table with broken corners (radios) so that the materials do not get stuck

    Reinforced height adjustable base (if required) for zero vibrations.

    Optionally it can be added for better operation if you require depending on the materials, we want to sew the following ꓽ

    Needle cooling system

    External adjustable degree thread for cones.

    In addition, if required, it can work with three threads.

    Machine origin MADE IN ITALY.

    Origin of conversion and automation Proudly made in Hellas!

    Guaranty 2 years.

    Price: The best always depending on the quality and the guarantee we offer you!



    Union Special 81200

    Union Special 81200

    For rolling shading fabrics with simultaneous placement of a rope (10mm) with loops.

    Two threads.

    DC brushless motor 550-watt 220 VOLT

    The ideal sewing machine for shading systems.

    It is the most reliable and stable machine that exists.

    Two years guaranty

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