Innovation and Adaptability in Industrial Sewing Machine Manufacturing.

Labrinos attachment company was founded in 1967 and was soon established as one of the leading Greek companies in the sales and repair services for all types of sewing machines. In addition to that, we listen to our customers’ demands and we provide them with automatic sewing machines, suitably modified to be more effective, productive and easier to use.

Therefore, we have added a new department with basic goal the “custom” made sewing machines, folders and binders, support machines for every sewing industry, automations related to sewing, as well as design and manufacture of sewing machines or parts of them for packaging, transport and organization of special products such as mattresses, umbrellas, fishing nets, neoprene diving suits, packaging machines and much more!

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More specifically we provide services on the following industries:

  • mattress
  • tent manufacturing
  • swimwear
  • diving suit
  • car upholstery
  • furniture upholstery
  • carpet
  • clothes (stable or elastic fabrics)
  • net (fisheries, security, agricultural applications and fish farming)
  • shoes
  • leather
  • packaging

The company is situated in its private facilities and its equipment consists of:

  • Design department
  • Design program 3d cad cam
  • CNC router 4 axis
  • Machinery Department
  • Conventional lathes (2)
  • Conventional milling machine
  • Divisor
  • Columnar drill
  • Column collage
  • Automatic saw
  • Aluminum oven
  • 10 ton press
  • Tig ac dc 200 for welding on any metal
  • Closed type sandblasting dimensions 1m × 1m
  • Liquid waterfall type paint complex
  • Lots of special tools
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Your Vision. Our Craftsmanship.

Vassilios Labrinos is the founder and Panagiotis Labrinos is the owner and managing director of the company. Our staff includes five specialized technicians.

Labrinos attachment company has long experience, know-how, high technical training, and specialization and uses precision machines and tools. Therefore, we wish to be a helper in every step of every customer’s business endeavor, providing perfect, efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your ideas and find together the best solution for your production.

We remain at your disposal for any further information.

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